Operations of a Corpse


i am drifting.
is this what heaven feels like?
like the unknown?
like the weight of the world seems to be on your eyelids
because they just can’t seem to stay open.
i feel like tapping out…
like tagging someone else in because i need
more sleep.
more time.
more air.
because the oxygen i’m inhaling
barely seems to be keeping me alive.
my hands shake due to the few cups of coffee
i drink a day just to stay alert,
just to appear more alive than i am
my lips stay pursed because irritation is my only emotion.
my mind stays full, while my heart becomes emptier.
i’ve been told that yes are the windows to the soul
so what do you make of my pupils no longer contracting to bright lights?
what do you make of no pulsation in my neck
or my wrist?
no more oxygen in my lungs.
i am operating as a corpse
i’m just trying to survive and blend in.

I am drifting.



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