Growing Pains

I meditate to ease my mind a mental cleanse
a blend of calmness and serenity
for when I’m
stressed out
vibed out
for when my emotions can no longer be
faked out
cause I’m all too familiar with the feeling
I don’t vibe well with super emotional people
they make me too anxious
too irritated
it seems their systems have been going
through an emotional irrigation process
and I can’t seem to process it
nor can I stomach it
I’m all to good at controlling my emotions
but does that make me heartless?
a coldblooded killer because I seem to
annihilate the hearted
I don’t believe so
but I’m constantly referred to as savage
because I’d prefer not to get emotionally involved
to save you from heartbreak before it even begins
you’ll thank me later
and I guess I can say in that aspect that I always win
I mean
I have the capability to give the world to somebody
but the fluidity of their words has to be
equivalent to their actions
because life is an ocean
I’ve been told hope floats
but I don’t chase ideas, things, or people
they always seem to come to me
I guess that’s why I haven’t found “the one”
I haven’t found anyone that I would willingly
put up a fight for
someone that I could see myself giving
part of my life for




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