January 18th, 2016

usually, i’m not one to repeat shit unless it’s clouding my mental.  so i’m conflicted.  tell you how i’m feeling or write it down with my pencil.  i tell you things and i feel like you’re not listening to what i say.  but the way i see it, we’re never going to be more than what we are.  you need more time.  i rushed into it, but it was your energy i felt.  so it seemed like it would be a sin to wait.  and i’m low-key sitting here trying to think of ways to renig on my emotions.  hoping you do something so i can walk out of this with no devotion.  i’m usually not the type to repeat myself because i don’t like wasting my time and energy.  but my feeling is if you’re really that into me then why not be with me instead of creating blurred lines and foggy feelings.  i’ve already told you what’s on my mental and i’m tired of repeating myself, so i spoke my thoughts to my pencil.



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