I Pledge Allegiance 

I pledge allegiance

God bless America
Land of the free
Home of the fuck me and my people right?
Home of the we take from you
We steal from you
beat abuse rape disregard murder
And we still attempt to own yall too
I pledge allegiance
not to the flag
but to the black and brown sounds
that protrude from covered mouths
parched tongues
and strangled throats
I pledge allegiance
to NWA rapping fuck the police
coming straight out the underground
ringing through the headphones of the young black and brown
I pledge allegiance
to the soulful Lauryin Hill vibes
that vibe with my soul
and that Nina Simone jazz that gets
played on long car rides home
I pledge allegiance
not to the flag
but to the black bodies whose blood was left on leaves
we are all strange fruits
and poplar trees, willows and redwoods
have all bared witness to our pain
I pledge allegiance
to my roots
because no matter how hard America tries
my roots will not be unrooted from under me
I am sturdy
I am rocks, mountains, valleys,
nothing shall move me
nothing shall break me
I pledge allegiance
to MLK
and Rosa
the only Malcom I acknowledge
is the man with an X after his name
I pledge allegiance
to afro beats
drums that
through my body
that activates my rhythm
that make me dance
that makes hips wine
And legs sway
I pledge allegiance
To beyonce and kendrick
For making statements
And taking names
Baby hairs
Grateful to be recognized
To pimp a butterfly did more than
Speak on the modern day black experience
I pledge allegiance
To being a bull among men
Because we weren’t meant to be weak
God bless America
and so help them for making
the bodies of black and brown people
Spectacles and commodities
God bless America
And so help them if donald trump becomes president
Purging everyone against us
Because the hunger games
Will no longer be just a movie
I pledge allegiance
To being an american
Because every other country hates us
Because we are the Christopher Columbus of continents
Because we are the bullies and homophobes
Your parents warned you about
The waiters that spit in your food
The bitches that spit in your face
We are america
I pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the united states of america
Let’s make america great again


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