April 24, 2016

I have a thing about words
And how they are constructed and formed by lips
To fit into these spaces
With supposedly no limitations
That we refer to as safe places
Because if we’re being honest,
There’s just some shit you can’t discuss in a white society
When I speak,
My words are not allowed to have ridges or dips
Nor a slight curve to the tip
My tongue is not allowed to make accents
Nor fondle accent marks
My words are not allowed to be rooted in my culture
My roots
Deeply rooted
My words considered detrimental
Not allowed to penetrate through
A society whose only definition of correct English is Anglo Saxon English
Considered White English
Because when my tongue produces completely cohesive sentences using
African American vernacular
My words become something unacceptable
Because when my tongue
Speaks rapidly
Rolling r’s
In between consonants and vowels
My words are seen as foreign
Ain’t no safe place
For my thoughts
Ain’t no safe space
My feelings
My words
My lips aren’t allowed to
Form circles to make sounds
That talk about slavery
That talk about my ancestors
Being stolen
Being beaten and whipped
Shackled and chained
I can’t talk about being sexualized
For the dip that connects my back to my hip
For being a melting pot of cultures
I have freedom of speech
Yet I get told to stop talking about racism
Because apparently it doesn’t exist
My words are not allowed to embody
Or sadness
I am not allowed to say words
That create tension in white spaces
These white places
I am not allowed to sing Hispanic music
Nor am I allowed to talk using slang
And put emphasis behind my name
I am not allowed to speak sassily
Because that’s what they expect of me
That attitude
They have labeled me
But I refuse to be defined

I have a thing about words
How they have powers
To diffuse situations that could hurt me
Yet empower me in others
Nobody can tell me what to say
Nor how to say it
And my words will not be silenced
I will not be silent



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