This is an a piece from the archives, some of my earlier writing.

November 15, 2014

He cut into your soul
someone who makes you love him almost instantly
and in an instant you
were hooked
nailed to a cross while you prayed
to God
to spare your fucking soul
because sex before marriage is “bad”
and abortions are “bad”
and lying about loving someone
is “bad”
but he claimed he loved you
so sex seemed right
and those first few weeks of pregnancy
seemed like to much for you kids
to handle.

He cut into your soul
because he couldn’t get a handle
on life
because he couldn’t handle
ending his baby’s life
by mid day the whiskey bottle
was always empty
just like your soul
so he claimed
and he blames you
for the murder of your child
and he blames you
and your atheistic ways
you respond by saying
if God was real
he would’ve spared me the burden of even being pregnant

He cuts into your soul
by always preaching at you.
He hopes God can cleanse
you of your heathen ways
since pussy popping isn’t a “sport”
and stripping shouldn’t be something
that you put on your resume.
Every night after you’ve had a long day of work
he says to you
God is the way
the truth
and the light.
as his face projects the shame
he has for you.
“It’s not like you’re helping pay
for any of these fucking bills anyway.”
He’s taken aback, and with a smack you fall to the ground.
no one ever told you life would go this way

He cuts into your soul
as smacks turn into punches
and black eyes become
one of your finest fashion accessories
and there is never any whisky in the house
he drinks it all too fast
without even giving his best regards to his kidneys.
you’re on your knees
and for once in your life
you pray
“I’ve never done this before
so i’m not sure how it works,
but God, please help me.”

He cut into your soul
and this hospital bed
resembles a little slice of heaven
the doctors said his knife was only
a few inches away from your heart
and that you were saved by the grace of god
the ironic part of the situation being
for some odd reason you had a dream exactly like this
so when you saw him coming toward you,
you had a knife of your own
let’s just say your aim was
a few inches better than his.



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