Chaos at Gun Point

This was in response to a shooting that happened at the university that I attend, and I was right across the street from it.  These were my thoughts, my first reactions, what I felt, and what I saw. Chaos at Gun Point September 27, 2016 chaos. disorder, confusion, havoc, uproar, mayhem chaos was maintained in … Continue reading Chaos at Gun Point


Construction of Words

April 24, 2016 I have a thing about words And how they are constructed and formed by lips To fit into these spaces With supposedly no limitations That we refer to as safe places Because if we're being honest, There's just some shit you can't discuss in a white society When I speak, My words … Continue reading Construction of Words

Trading Feelings for Drugs

Trading Feelings For Drugs 1/27/16 I woke up today Head still beating Heart still pounding Eyes swollen from tears Feeling beaten from fears I am unwanted And trying to gather thoughts In a state of drunkenness is only satan’s doing Or maybe this is karma For all the times I’ve Fucked up Played with Didn't … Continue reading Trading Feelings for Drugs